Funeral Service Planning

A military funeral service can be provided for anyone who has been in the military or was currently serving his or her country at the time of death. The choice to have a military funeral service is decided upon by the families. More often than not, families opt to have a military memorial service since it is a special type of service. Typically, a person who dies while serving his country will have a military funeral. The branch of service will provide the family much of the arrangements which includes flowers, officiant, a military salute and flag distribution. This will all take place at the grave site. The military is very strict in their protocol and regulations and all military funerals or memorial services are conducted in the same manner. pemakaman muslim

If one chooses to have the traditional memorial service at a chapel or church for the military deceased, the government can provide a military chaplain, flowers and flag. When planning a military service, using or selecting a patriotic military funeral memorial service program is an important detail one should not overlook. You can find these types of military funeral program templates online so you can prepare them yourself, if desired.

The family is presented with the U.S. flag at the end of the service. You can plan a patriotic service by also distributing flag prayer cards, bookmarks, or even have a memorial candle that has a patriotic theme. It is a sure way to honor your loved one who served the United States armed forces.


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