10 Quick Tips for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

The most popular or widely used Windows versions are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 with codename Vienna or Blackcomb is part of the Windows NT family and was released back in July 22, 2009. This version was created to address the critical reception of its predecessor which is the Windows Vista. Windows 7 has received significant positive remarks due to its increased performance, intuitive interface and many other noted improvements. In fact, some critics have strongly pointed out that Windows 7 is the best Windows version ever. One of the best things about this version is that users now have plenty of options to actually increase their productivity while working on their computer.

Here are the top 10 tricks and tips for Windows 7:

1. Make use of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts such as pressing Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder.

2. Make the most out of Jump Lists so you can easily access any folder or windows that you usually use.

3. Use hidden international themes or wallpapers by following these steps:

Type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box at the Start Menu and then press Enter. Windows 7 will then show you a list of sub-folders for each country. Search for your preferred theme or background.

4. Windows 7 allows users to make use of multiple monitors for whatever purpose it may serve.

5. Users can now obtain a power efficiency report wherein the operating system can take a look at your laptop’s energy use. To do this, simply run a command prompt by typing cmd in the search box. Once the icon appears, right click and then select “Run as administrator.” Inside the command box, type powercfg -energy-output\Folder\Energy_Report.HTML.

6. Windows 7 has an amazing taskbar with a variety of features that can help anyone maximize their workload.

7. Use check boxes for better productivity. This means that you can now enable check boxes for folders and files in bulk.

8. Users can now customize the notification area or the system tray so they can only see the icons that they regularly use.

9. Use the shake feature. This feature will help users get rid of all the clutter in a single step.

10. Aero Snap is one of Windows 7 features wherein users can maximize a window by dragging the icon to the side of the screen.

Next on the list is Windows 8.1 with codename Blue which is an upgrade for the Windows 8 version. Most people say that Windows 8.1 is the better version of the Windows 8 with several important tweaks.

Here are a few tips and tricks for Windows 8.1:

1. The ever reliable Start button is back on Windows 8.1 wherein users can view the options. http://smartwebsiteideas.com/

2. Users can now personalize the home screen tiles and regroup similar tiles.

3. Windows 8.1 now has an option to let users go straight to the desktop instead of dealing with the start screen tiles.

4. Windows 8.1 allows users to conveniently organize their apps in different manners such as classifying them by the installation date or for other reason.

5. Make use of the app bars.

6. Windows 8.1 users now have the option to make the Start button more useful.

7. Apps that are no longer in use can now be stopped from running in the background.

8. Users can now easily change the display settings such as orientation and resolution.

9. Windows 8.1 allows users to view multiple apps all at the same time.

10. With Windows 8.1, users have the option to save any online article so they can read it even when they are offline.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and most talked about Windows version which was first released for consumers on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is currently being offered for free where many existing users are making the upgrade.

Here are a few tips and tricks which can make your Windows 10 experience better:

1. Start with the GodMode wherein users can get an advanced control panel. Just create a new folder anyplace and then rename it as GodMode.

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